The Bible: An Inline Comparison of the King James and Inspired Versions provides the reader a new way to compare the two versions. This comparison eliminates the need to alternate between two separate texts, as both versions have been condensed into one. Parts of the Bible that are common to both versions are simply written once, while text unique to the Inspired Version is highlighted in green, and those phrases and passages exclusive to the King James Version are highlighted in red with a strike-through.

Though the Inspired Version was first published in 1867, Joseph Smith's original clarifications and the numerous updates to spelling and punctuation from subsequent printings are still not obvious to many students of the scriptures. Recognizing the clarifications and revisions, however, is often of special significance to the meaning and understanding of the text. This inline comparison is designed to show the unique parts of the Inspired Version in a clear way and thereby enhance the reader's comprehension and appreciation of the text.

A word-by-word computer analysis was utilized to produce this highlighted inline comparison; every minute difference between the King James and Inspired Versions was captured, including changes to punctuation, spelling, and verse structure. This inline comparison shows "added" words adjacent to "removed" words, where the two are differentiated by highlighted color. The Bible: An Inline Comparison of the King James and Inspired Versions includes the full text of the Bible, including the books or chapters where the two versions are the same.